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In pod we trust

Let's hear it for podcasting. For as little as £30 for a usb microphone you can now create broadcast quality radio shows on an iphone or laptop, and send them instantly all around the world.

While not as instantly appealing as video, podcasts are actually easier to produce and if you have a complex message to get across to an already engaged audience they can be fun and very powerful, even for a small business like you.

You could even talk at length to your customers about a new product that is coming out, or invite your MD to discuss a new governmental change.

So... turn up the volume with a podcast and fling the link on your web or social media. It's not hard, you pretty much learn most of it by googling it, but a good place to start would be the brilliant bossjock studio app.

Even without being the broadcaster yourself, there is room to exploit this as a channel, Don't forget that there are hundreds of podcasters out there with massive followers who might want to know more about your products and services, or hear your expert advice. Believe me, they are desparate for content to fill their audio shows with.

So pop pickers, contact them now and offer yourself up as a free expert in the field of whatever.

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