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Working on the go.

I’m pretty much permanently signed up to this philosophy when it comes to getting a good work/life balance.

I do a lot of contracting which often requires me to work long periods away from home. In doing so I have my own philosophy for making this work, which is really hard, particularly if you have a family.

  1. Skype – I also use Monster Messenger so that I can keep in tough with my ten-year old without having to go through mum all the time

  2. Train - Not only does travelling by train give you the time to reflect, or catch up on work, or personal stuff, but it’s a brilliant antidote to the stress of driving, A train delay is far more manageable than a traffic jam.

  3. Local – Support local economies, shops, charities in your new location. It’s more enriching than eating in chain-restaurants, or only using the gym at your hotel.

  4. Work out - Get health into your routine. Use a bike instead of taxis, go swimming. Calorie counting can actually be easier when you are eating out

  5. Habits – Beer with every meal, doing nothing of an evening except sitting in your hotel room, cooked breakfasts, client meetings involving food or drink, avoiding fitting exercise into your routine, loneliness. Beware all these.

  6. Restrict – Working away from home longer than about 6 months will put pressure on the relationship with your partner - End of story.

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