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I'll get my coat.


It is really important to be clear and concise in everything you write and make sure that everything is well understood. Most importantly, that includes the way you write your article, email, or web copy (...etc.) Most people in the business world, seem to think they have a free license to clutter up their writing with unnecessary words or phrases. In editorial-land we call this redundancy.

You know the redundant words, don’t you?

Yes, they’re the ones that seem to be there ONLY to pad out writing and make it seem longer and more clever, but in fact it just makes the writing difficult to elucidate. As an editor you become like a sort-of pseudo impersonator of a redundancy detective, looking for words, or even whole sentences that you could really do without. Good writing is concise and informative, so don’t use redundant words. (NB. Everything above the last sentence is redundant.) Get your red pen out for these…..courtesy of...

Actual fact Forever and ever Major breakthrough 9:00 a.m. in the morning Past history Plan ahead Unexpected surprise Unintentional mistake Written down Still remains

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