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Right, heres where it starts.

So you've been asked to plan a website, event, brand campaign, marketing plan - in fact all pieces of communications, marketing or PR start here, because you need to agree everything from the outset.

This is the document you use to make sure that everyone is aligned before you set about designing communications, marketing or building a plan. There's not point just firing out some communications because someone told you to do it. You need to make sure you are clear about the purpose of your communication and who your key audience is, what your messages are and which channels you will be using


Easy to use, clear Word template.


We’ve kept everything clear, simple and flexible in a custmisable Word doc. Download this document to get your communications planning off a good start. As part of your downlload you can talk FREE to the comms expert if you need help, tiips or further support.



    Pre-Info Communications Brief

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