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So you’re in a lift, or.... an elevator! Someone asks you what your new company does. You’ve only got about 30 seconds. This is your elevator pitch and it forms the basis of all your communications and marketing.


This six line, 80 word, or 30 second script is the first page on your website. It’s the line given about your business before you come on stage at a major conference and, it’s the first thing your sales staff say when they call a customer.


Easy to use, clear Word template.


This document will give you everything you need to know about elevator pitches, plus some great exanmples and a quick template to get you started. We’ve kept everything clear, simple and flexible in a custmisable Word doc. As part of your downlload you can talk FREE to the comms expert if you need help, tiips or further support.

Build a Brilliant Elevator pitch

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